After being rejected from his top-choices, not-so-genius Tyler Harris must settle for his safety school; Southern California State University, and their embarrassing crab mascot.  On a freshman trust building trip south of the border, Tyler’s overenthusiastic resident advisor, Chip, is thrown into a Mexican jail. The boys learn their seemingly terrible first semester is about to take a drastic turn once they meet their replacement RA, Dean Slater.

After a trip back to campus in his hot air balloon, Dean teaches Tyler (the nerd), Cory (the whipped beau), and Yuji (the weird stoner) how to unplug from their phones and live a more connected college experience.  With his slingshot Jello parties, artisanal absynthe trip-out musical numbers, and trained hawk named Archimedes, the Dean guides the freshmen boys through the hotties, heartaches, and hangovers of the first few weeks of school.

Dean Slater: Resident Advisor is an irreverent but sweet-hearted romp that shows what can happen when college kids put down their smart phones and start getting stupid.